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Thank you for visiting Hoverservices PTY LTD, manufacturer of the Hornet hovercraft.

This company deals with hovercraft design and construction, charter for small hovercraft, and consultancy for builders and government agencies.

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Estuary patrols.

Kevin Dixon has acted as consultant to different Government Departments in the role and use of hovercraft in specialist areas. These include Defence applications, Fisheries research and survey as well as geo survey applications. Lately the craft as seen operations in the Murray Lower Lakes district with survey work in both main lakes and adjacent estuaries. The largest hovercraft survey in the States history was done by Hoverservices in mud and acid soils around the lakes. This sped up the mapping of acid soils and its likely impact with the current drought conditions. This was for the Murray /Darling Auth, EPA and various Sate Departments.

If you wish to contact Kevin Dixon his email is: hhoverse@bigpond.net.au